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Boost your profit with gigaroo.

gigaroo enables service industry businesses to boost their profits by transforming how they hire and retain employees.

  • Job Posting - We’ve Got You Covered

    Get a dedicated gigaroo customer success manager to handle all your position postings.

  • Employee Loyalty Through Flexibility

    Increase employee loyalty by ensuring that all individuals are able to work the shift they want, with their friends if they want.

  • Simple In-App Hiring Process

    Straight from the app, you can invite people to an interview over Zoom, in-person, or hire them on the spot

  • Rating & Reviews

    Provide honest feedback by rating and reviewing individuals you've hired through the app.

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One Plan, Unlimited Business Sizes.

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  • What makes gigaroo special?

    Experience the power of our cutting-edge AI matching process, precisely aligning your demands with the perfect candidate. In today's dynamic landscape, flexibility is key, and our candidates anticipate just that. They rely on your ability to provide them with the ideal flexibility they seek. Trust us to deliver the right fit, tailored to your unique needs.

  • What is the fee to use gigaroo?

    It's very simple, you pay a monthly subscription, and if you're not happy, you can unsubscribe at anytime. Better yet, the first month is free. Find detailed pricing information here.

  • How are payments arranged?

    Currently, payment terms are worked out between you and the employees directly. We are working to provide early-wage access for the employees.

  • Still have questions? Click here to email on of our gigaroo success managers.