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Invite your friends and get rewarded

How does our Referral Program work?

It’s simple!

  • 1
    Share a registration code with your friends.
  • 2
    Get referral points when your friends apply for a job, go to an interview, and get hired.
  • 3
    Every referral point adds $1 to your Amazon gift card.
  • 4
    To redeem your points and get your Amazon gift card, contact our support team.

Make as many referrals as you want. Referral points are only rewarded once per friend.

Download the app & refer your friends

Referral Rewards Referral Rewards

Your friend applied for a job

You get 5 points (per friend)
$5Amazon Gift Card

Friend attended an interview

You get 20 points (per friend)
$20Amazon Gift Card

Your friend got hired

You get 50 points (per friend)
$50Amazon Gift Card