On-demand payments

Empower your employees to instantly access a portion of their earned wages before the regular payday to pay bills, rent, and handle emergency expenses, gigaroo on-demand payments are designed specifically to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty.

On-demand payments
On-demand payments- the #1 employee retention solution in the market

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the limitations of the Free Subscription in terms of locations?

    The Free Subscription is limited to 3 locations, providing a basic introduction to gigaroo's AI retention solution.

  • How many posts can I create with the Free Subscription?

    The Free Subscription allows for up to 5 posts, offering a limited but practical experience for businesses with modest needs.

  • Can I upgrade from the Free Subscription to a paid plan to increase locations and posts?

    Yes, upgrading to our paid plans unlocks the ability to expand both the number of locations and posts to better suit your business requirements.

  • What happens if I exceed the location or post limit in the Free Subscription?

    If your business surpasses the 3-location or 5-post limit, consider exploring our affordable paid plans for more extensive coverage and capabilities.

  • How do I explore additional options beyond the Free Subscription?

    To access more locations, posts, and advanced features, check out our competitively priced paid plans. For personalized assistance, feel free to contact our sales experts.

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